July 10, 2015


A Special meeting of the Town of Hartland, County of Niagara, State of New York, was held on the above date at the Town Hall, 8942 Ridge Road, Gasport convening at 9:15 AM

Members present:

  • W. Ross Annable
  • F. David Snyder, Daniel Hill
  • Brian Gross
Abstract of Bills


MOTION by Councilman Hill, seconded by Councilman Snyder to authorize payment of Voucher # 2015000441 to Nickel City Reptiles for $ 100.00

MOTION by Supervisor Annable, seconded by Councilman Gross to authorize payment of Voucher # 2015000440 to the Niagara County Supervisors Association, in the amount of$ 417.00, as Hartland's share to hire a grant writer for the Healthcare Consortium.

Bills having been prepared by the Clerk and having been reviewed by the Town Board:

Ayes:   4          Nays:   0          CARRIED

Supervisor Annable reported on the surveys concerning the garbage totes.  Annable explained that there could be one of 3 options with the program:

  1. Only the items that will fit into the 96 gallon totes will be accepted
  2. Expand the contract to pay extra for additional items
  3. Residents could purchase tickets to use for those items that do not fit into the tote

It was discussed to still have the option of one large item in addition to the tote.  The carts would have a different color lid from the recycle totes.  Clerk Boyler suggested that when we contract, the tickets should be offered from the beginning of the program.  Councilman Snyder stated that the automatic system for garbage pick-up relieves the back problems of the workers.

Board members met with Troy Weiler and Joe Green from United Wind to discuss different turbine options.   United Wind has presented an Analysis and Solution Overview of the Wruck Road site.  With the placement of 2 turbines on the Wruck Road, the power generated should provide for 96 % of the total needed to supply the Town properties.  The prepaid option of $44,000.00 should show a $100,000.00 savings with a 5 year turn around, with the projected 4% annual increase in rates.  Once it has been decided to purchase the Osiris 10 Wind turbine, then United Wind will conduct a more detailed assessment of the property.

Supervisor Annable:   Do we need competitive bids?

Councilman Snyder:   We will have a guaranteed price; no other company offers this option, only company that offers a lease program.

Troy Weiler:   With other companies, they will have us apply for the grant, United Wind works under the Grant program to provide the savings.

Supervisor Do we need SEQR?
Weiler The Town should have the attorney do that research.
Supervisor If needed we will get quotes.
Weiler United Wind is the only company; also, that offers a program with insurance and installation.
Supervisor Are there any other grants that the Town could apply for to help cover the cost?
Joe Green Because the Town is not the actual owner, the Town could not apply for a grant.
United Wind stated the options for after the 20 year contract:

  1. United Wind will buy the turbine back at market value
  2. The Town can renew the lease for 2 - 5 year increments, with the maintenance around $600.00/ year
  3. United Wind will take the turbine down

Supervisor Annable stated that he has talked to 3 of the 6 neighbors to the property and their concern was the noise that the turbine will make.  The concerns over the Town of Somerset turbines were mentioned.  The wind turbines in Somerset are the large models and are much different from these smaller models.

The turbines will need internet service at the site with 24 hour connection, which might require a separate service. The Town will need to gather quotes for the remote net metering, the meters must be SC2 or higher.  United Wind might be able to work the cost into the grant in order to bring down the cost to the Town.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia S. Boyler, Town Clerk